For every Saved By The Box products you buy, you will get discount vouchers from our partners. Every box comes with two FREE vouchers.


Founded by Father Emmett Johns (“Pops”) in 1988, Le Bon Dieu Dans La Rue helps homeless and at-risk youth. With dedication, empathy and respect, and with the support of the community, Dans la rue cares for their immediate needs and helps them acquire the skills and resources needed to lead more autonomous and rewarding lives.


Copper Branch is a 100% plant-based vegan restaurant. Their mission is simple: serve our community quality, whole foods and offer the world real food as fast-food for a change. They’re getting back to basics; serving healthy and wholesome foods and offering real food energy with the focus of promoting health and vitality, great taste, convenience, and responsibility. These are power food meals you can trust and feel great about eating. The Copper Branch voucher offers 15% off all foods.


Walter's Shoe care is founded in 1893 and has been offering professional shoe shines to busy travellers. It has always been a Canadian company that's always been committed to customer satisfaction, product excellence and innovation. The Walter's voucher offers 10% off all products and services.


Spanel, (Breton word for spatula) is a restaurant-crêperie located in trendy Griffintown. The restaurant offers a warm and pleasant ambiance, and it has a lovely shaded terrace, which, thanks to heating elements, is a comfortable place to enjoy a meal from early spring right into fall. The chef hopes you will enjoy  the utmost quality and freshness of the food items and the unique way in which they are prepared especially for you. The Spanel voucher offers 10% off everything.


Foodora offers food delivery services from the best restaurants around town. We've partnered with Foodora to give you an exclusive $10 off $20 minimun orders for new customers. So if you're new to their platform, give them a try and use "SBTBMTL" when you check out!


Grillado’s is a casual dining restaurant that focuses on grilling the very best Portuguese chicken with a South African twist. That twist is our variety of world famous Peri Peri sauces. Located in the heart of Montreal, it has quickly become known for its fun and engaging atmosphere, as well as its multitude of flavours. The Grillados voucher offers 15% off all foods.


Onoir is the very first restaurant in Canada that invites you to enjoy a good meal and pleasant conversations like never before in the dark. It is a sensual culinary experience that is completely unique. When we eat without seeing, our other senses intensify to savor the aroma and taste of food. At Onoir, food has an exceptional culinary flavor. The Onoir restaurant offers 15% off all foods (no drink and beverages).


The taste of the old country in the heart of Montreal's old port. Bello Italian Deli brings authentic Italian cuisine just like your grandmother used to make. Established in 2012 owner Benny Bello wanted a place where anyone can come and enjoy a real Italian dish, savory sandwiches or even a classic espresso. The Bello voucher offers 20% off all food and beverages.


At Saved By The box, we believe that "feeling good is the new luxury". We are a beauty brand that is natural, organic, and local. We help milennials become better views of themselves. At the same time, we aim to always give back to society, and we hope you can be a part of it.

We hope you enjoy.


The SBTB Team

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