Almost 20 years ago, my life hit rock bottom. I had lost my business, the days became very difficult.

From my late 20's to late 40's, I furiously raced to build my own businesses. Long before the words "startup" and "pivot" was a buzzword, I was starting a couple businesses and adapting every step along for awhile, but back then, I didn't understand many things.

During these tough days, I spent all day in Starbucks trying to figure a way out, but losing my business almost meant losing my life.

Until I met the love of my life standing in line waiting for a taxi at New York's La Guardia Airport. We shared a cab ride into Manhattan - just like the movies. And just like the movies, we got married three years later in the Big Apple, and had 3 kids.

This business was thus inspired by the love I have received in times of difficulties, from friends, family, and strangers coming in and out of my life. It was these gems of life that had given me the courage to start SBTB by the age of 65, and decide to work with Dans La Rue, the biggest Montreal Non-profit center for homeless youth, to donate $1 for every box we sell. Age shouldn't be the restriction to anything you want to achieve in life, in fact, nothing should. We all have endless possibilities, we are all limitless, unless you give yourself one.


When Dans La Rue mentioned that they never had enough soaps for Montreal’s homeless youth -  it gave us an idea about what we wanted to do with our new business.

When they reminded us that the average age of the city’s thousands of homeless youth was in the 20s - we knew what we had to do. By targeting and bringing millennials together, we wanted to use every individual's ability to change another's life.


We want to celebrate Montreal in a brand new way - and emphasize the unique values every person should bring to the table - confidence, self-respect, and happiness. Our brand statement is: feeling good is the new luxury. Our products stand for a new way of living - a new type of life where we celebrate one big community around us, celebrate kindness, unity, and staying true to our own feelings, and our own feelings only.


Right now we're starting with locally made natural soaps that will reflect the vibe and scent of the 5 iconic Montreal communities - Griffintown, Old Montreal, Mile End, Plateau/Mount Royal, and the Gay Village. Each box will have vouchers from local restaurants - offering Montrealers a variety of food discounts at the restaurants. In the long term, Saved By The Box aims to be a leading natural beauty brand. We know we can't do this without your help and support.


We're trying to make a change through our exciting initiatives: #SavedByThePassion - where we profile awesome Montrealers doing awesome stuff; and #DLRSBTBDAY where in addition to the profits we give to Dans La Rue, we also attempt to organize a one-day event involving the entire city to help us donate tens of thousands of hygiene products to Dans La Rue. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!



At Saved By The box, we believe that "feeling good is the new luxury". We are a beauty brand that is natural, organic, and local. We help milennials become better views of themselves. At the same time, we aim to always give back to society, and we hope you can be a part of it.

We hope you enjoy.


The SBTB Team

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